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Hairdresser Simulator Review

Hairdresser Simulator is an application by Hairdresser Sim Team. Hairdresser Simulator was first published on . Hairdresser Simulator is available on the following platforms: Steam.

    A second chair and your first apprentice will make you realize how tiny your workplace is.
    It’s about time to look for something new.
    A spacious salon with a separate lounge is another step towards higher profit,
    but don’t forget it’s the skills that raise the revenue.
    Inexperienced employees, disgruntled customers, over-exaggerated prices
    or even a single bad cut may lead to a total collapse of your business.

    Countless hours of studying, a little bank loan
    and your new hair salon is all set and ready for its first customer.
    Select the right accessories and trust in your well-trained hands.
    Impress the client with your innovative skills and ideas,
    make sure to clean up the mess and prepare the seat for more clients.

    If you plan to aim high in the hairdressing industry, you have to make sure to shore up all the details.
    Just remember that attractive, competitive prices and a cosy atmosphere,
    even if important, will not let you climb all the way to the top.
    You need to become a master of your craft.
    In order to keep improving and stay up to date with the latest trends,
    you will have to attend classes and workshops ending with challenging examinations.
    Highlights, boliages, keratin hair straightening?
    Not every hairdresser can boast such an expanded range of services, can you?

    A giant salon in the richest part of the city,
    celebrities flexing their new hairstyles created by you and a schedule filled up till next year -
    that’s dreams becoming reality! You’re no longer a newbie in this industry -
    you’re a maestro! It’s your turn to dictate the latest trends now!

Hairdresser Simulator

4.2 / 5

Hairdresser Simulator Logo
Author: Hairdresser Sim Team
Size: 6 GB available space

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